Can I book a private cookie decorating class?

Yes, I do private classes. The classes are held at The Roost in San Angelo, Texas. A private class must have at least 12 participants and up to 21 participants. Classes are normally held from 6-8. There are two types of private classes:

A 101 Beginner’s Class which is the full class, recipes, details on how to make the cookies and icing, decorating 6 cookies and a goodie bag to take home. This class normally takes 2 hours. The price for this class is $35 per person.

A Simply Decorate Class normally lasts about 45 minutes (but you have the 2 hour block to eat, chat, etc). You still get step-by-step directions on decorating the cookies. This class is $25 per person and you leave with 4 decorated cookies and recipes.


How far in advance do I need to order custom cookies?

Booking times vary depending on the time of year. Watch for updates on Facebook and Instagram for Months that I am booked up. 6-8 weeks out is usually best but you can always ask, sometimes I have cancelations.


How much are custom cookies?

Custom cookies are priced by the dozen. $30 for one dozen custom cookies. If the order includes faces or logos they are $38 per dozen.